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How long will it take to have a translation done?
It will vary depending on the length of the source document as well as the degree of specialization. We strive to meet client requests as much as possible, including rush translations (additional fee may apply).

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How much will a translation cost?
The time it takes to translate financial documents varies significantly depending on the source material. Therefore, we do not provide a uniform rate for all translations. We use a set of guidelines to create estimates after learning about the content of the source text or reviewing the actual documents.

What unit is used to bill translations?
English-to-Japanese translations are billed by the page of target text, where 400 Japanese characters equal one page, and Japanese-to-English translations are billed by the page of source text, where 400 Japanese characters equal one page. The number of pages is multiplied by the unit rate and consumption tax is added.

Can I see a sample translation?
Instead of providing a uniform sample to clients, we prefer to prepare a sample tailored to client needs. As noted in other sections of this website, we offer first-time clients a free trial translation upon request.

Who will do the translation?
We have a team of native-Japanese and native-English translators who strictly translate into their native language. Financial translations are done by translators with extensive experience in the financial industry and/or translating for the financial sector. This experience is essential to craft accurate and highly readable translations.

Can you translate PowerPoint documents?
Yes. For PowerPoint documents, we also provide layout services in addition to translation.

Can you translate regular monthly reports?
Yes, we can arrange translation services for regular reports such as monthly or quarterly asset management reports and economic or stock market reports. In this case, we use the same translator whenever possible to ensure continuity of content and consistency of terminology. We create client glossaries as necessary for regular or ongoing projects.

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