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Translation Services

At Word Trust, our translators strictly translate into their native language. This is essential to achieving the high level of readability we expect of every translation.

Therefore, native-Japanese translators work into Japanese from English source documents, while native-English translators from the United States, United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries work into English from Japanese source documents. Our team of professional translators has extensive business experience in the financial and other industries as well as practical translation skills.

Translated documents are thoroughly checked to ensure accuracy and readability before final delivery to the client, verifying among other things that the source content has not been misinterpreted, there are no omissions, and the client’s designated terminology has been used. When necessary, translations are returned to the translator for revision before final delivery to the client.

Financial Translation General Business Translation Website Translation & Rewriting
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Financial Translation (Japanese to English, English to Japanese)

We provide translation services between English and Japanese in fields such as finance, economics, and asset management (pension funds, investment trusts, hedge funds, etc.).

We specialize in the following types of documents for translation between English and Japanese.

Investment reports (monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)
RFP(Request for Proposal)
(Responses to questions from pension funds and consulting firms)
Published materials related to investing and asset management (research papers, etc.)
Presentation materials (PowerPoint documents*)
Fund prospectus
Investment product descriptions
Customer & internal newsletters
Macroeconomic reports
Analyst recommendation reports (stocks, sectors)
Strategy reports
Contracts and agreements

* For PowerPoint documents, we also provide layout design in addition to translation services.
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General Business Translation (Japanese to English, English to Japanese)

In addition to the financial sector, we also provide translation services between English and Japanese for general business documents. Just like with financial translations, we take care to ensure that all of our translations demonstrate a solid understanding of the source material and a high level of readability tailored to the target audience.

Some of the many documents we handle include contracts, internal communications, business letters to foreign recipients, and presentation materials.
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Website Translation & Rewriting
(Translation: Japanese to English; Rewriting: English to English)

We work with clients wishing to expand their online presence in the English-speaking world to create English-language website content. For clients who already have an English-language website, our native-English translators can rewrite the English content to enhance quality and achieve more effective communication with the online audience.

We also edit visual aspects including fonts and formatting.
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