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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

We provide translation services between Japanese and English primarily for the financial sector. The principle that guides us is both simple and clear.

It boils down to: Provide accurate and highly readable translations tailored to client needs.

Many times in my career in both the translation and financial industries I have seen translations where it was clear that the person who did the translation did not have a true understanding of the material, or where the words were simply converted from English to Japanese without regard for readability. These kinds of translations are far too common and show a lack of regard for the reader and reader convenience.

It goes without saying that if the translator does not understand the source material, he or she will not be able to translate that material into the target English or Japanese language. In addition, translations that are difficult to read will not fully convey the content to the intended reader. In the case of documents for investors, the accuracy and skill of the translations is particularly important, as it has the potential to influence the evaluation of the investment product and the asset management company itself.

Is it possible to provide truly first-rate translations for the financial sector?

This question has been a constant refrain of mine as I worked for a translation company, studied abroad, and then worked for a securities firm and asset management company. My ongoing mission is to pursue in what ways I can use the knowledge I have built up over twenty years in this field as well as my network of translators to benefit financial institutions and other businesses and organizations.

I have created Word Trust to provide translation services the way they should be done, meeting clients’ needs and demands while consistently exceeding their expectations.

I look forward to providing accurate and highly readable translations tailored to your needs.

Masashi Ishikawa
Managing Director

Managing Director Masashi Ishikawa



After graduating from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Masashi Ishikawa worked for a translation company, and then obtained an MBA from London Business School (LBS). Returning to Japan, he joined a foreign-affiliated securities company, where he was engaged in translating reports on Asian economies and stock markets. Then, at a foreign-affiliated asset management company, he translated and drafted requests for proposal (RFP) related to pension fund management and investment trusts. He formed Word Trust in 2004. Word Trust has a client base of about 30 firms, primarily foreign-affiliated asset management institutions. Masashi Ishikawa is a member of the Japan Association of Translators (JAT) and maintains an extensive professional network of translators from Japan and around the world.

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