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The first requirement of any translation is accuracy. But accuracy is only possible if the translator understands the source material. It goes without saying that if the Japanese (or English) text is not understood, the resulting English (or Japanese) translation will not be understandable either.

Financial documents in general are highly specialized, and it takes a depth of experience in and knowledge about the financial sector to fully understand their content. At Word Trust, our translators have extensive experience working in finance, including at securities companies and asset management firms, or extensive experience translating in the field of finance to ensure they can fully understand the source content before translating it.
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Even if a translation is accurate, if it is difficult to read it will not adequately convey the intended message to the reader. Therefore, the second requirement of translations is that they are highly readable. The professional quality of documents written for investors in particular has the potential to affect evaluation of the financial product or the financial institution itself.

At Word Trust, our translators strictly translate into their native language. This is indispensable to achieve the high level of readability we expect of every translation. Therefore, our native-Japanese translators work into Japanese from English source documents, while our native-English translators work into English from Japanese source documents.
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When selecting a translation vendor, concerns about quality are normal. To address these concerns, Word Trust provides first-time clients with a free sample translation to assess our translation quality before requesting our services.

The documents that clients need to have translated vary widely in their content, intended uses, and target audiences. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all sample is often not enough to make a judgment on translation quality.

We understand this. That is why we encourage clients to submit the source document when possible. We will translate a portion of the document as a sample to demonstrate our quality and ability to tailor translations to client needs. Allowing customers to assess the level of quality beforehand is our way of ensuring satisfaction right from the start.
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