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Workflow “Translator Selection & Translation”

The following is an outline of our translation workflow from receiving an inquiry for services to final delivery. (Click on each button for details)

Translation Workflow
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Translator Selection and Translation
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Translator Selection & Translation

After receiving client approval of the estimated cost and delivery date, the actual translation work begins. If there are reference materials, glossaries, or other pertinent information, these are first carefully reviewed.

Financial documents commonly use many industry-specific terms and expressions. Our translators utilize their extensive business experience to translate these terms and expressions into their natural equivalent in the target language, consulting economic newspapers, industry publications, and Internet resources as necessary to craft highly readable and accurate translations.

Word Trust uses native-Japanese translators to translate English source documents into Japanese, and native-English translators to translate Japanese source documents into English. Our translators only translate into their native language. This is a guiding principle of our translation philosophy.

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